Making Gifts More Meaningful – 3 Ways To Personalise Jewellery & Watches 

Over the past few years I’ve taken more time to *really* think about the gifts that I’m giving. 

I want them to be true joy-givers and to have meaning behind them. That way I know that they’ll become gifts that their receivers truly treasure.  

This year, as part of my partnership with accessories brand Olivia Burton (who as you know, I LOVE), I’m sharing how I’ve made my gifts more meaningful. 

If you’re on the lookout for last minute gift ideas, I hope that this post helps you to navigate your purchases with heart.

Olivia Burton Celestial Jewellery Collection | The Elgin Avenue Blog

The Celestial Collection I Adore

My love for celestial everythinggg knows no bounds.

If, like me, you love to adorn yourself with the gems of the night sky, here’s the newest accessories collection you need to know about . . .

Summer at Bicester Village | The Elgin Avenue Blog

All You Need To Know About Bicester Village

Fancy shopping designer brands for a fraction of their RRP? Of course you do!

I’m sharing everything you need to know about Bicester Village, my favourite destination for designer and high-end shopping. And let’s be real, one of my favourite destinations full stop.

Bicester Village is truly a WONDERFUL day out, and I can’t recommend going enough!

Click through to experience it for yourself! Cue a LOT of pretty photos . . .

Recapping The Philips Steam Sanctuary At Lime Wood Hotel

What a way to kick-start the summer! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen that Ella and I recently hosted an incredible retreat with Philips, at the beautiful Lime Wood Hotel in the New Forest.

The purpose of our retreat was to bring together a group of our favourite blogging girls, to get to know the new Philips Steam&Go Plus handheld garment steamer. Which as you know, I’m already a huge fan of.

(I’ve literally used nothing else to prep or refresh my clothes since getting it!)

What ensued, over our 24 hours together, was a truly magical retreat. It was filled with LOTS of chat about clothes (what else?!), how to care for them, and a dialogue around mindfulness and how we can all look after ourselves better.

It was a trip I’ll never forget, and I’m so excited to relive it with you on the blog today . . .

How To Prepare For A Photoshoot At Home | The Elgin Avenue Blog

How I Prepare For A Blog Shoot + Tips & Tricks For Styling Your Own

Of all the things I love about blogging (and there are a lot!), conceptualising and styling a photoshoot is my favourite.  

It’s the bit of my job I used to dream about doing when I was little. Albeit blogs didn’t even exist then – so it was more of a: “one day when I work at Vogue” situation!

Today I’m so excited to take you behind the scenes of pulling together a photoshoot for the blog! I’m sharing some of the most important elements I focus on to ensure a successful day . . .

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