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The Need To Do Vs Nice To Do Productivity Hack + 5 More

Has a friend ever dealt up such a stellar piece of advice, that you’re IMMEDIATELY reaching for your notes app to remember it?

Well, this productivity tip, dealt up by my friend Claire was one of those moments!

In the midst of the festive season when things are ALL GO, I’m keeping this tip front and centre of my mind as I cross off my final to-do list for the year.

Click through for this game-changer of a tip, and five more of my favourite productivity hacks . . .

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5 Things To Remind Yourself Of When Imposter Syndrome Hits

Imposter syndrome is when you feel ‘less than’, or ‘not worthy’ of taking part in something, pursuing a goal or taking on a role, which you are 100% capable of.

And I’m pretty sure it’s affected us all at some point!

There have been plenty of occasions when I’ve doubted my capabilities, or wondered why I’ve been asked to do something.

As the name suggests, Imposter Syndrome makes you feel like you are about to be ‘found out’ because you’re not ‘really’ as good or as qualified as people think you are.

The funny thing is, whenever I chat to people about their ‘imposter insecurities’, I’m always amazed! The people who feel a sense of imposter-ness are always those who I view to be the most capable!

If you’ve ever experienced Imposter Syndrome, or feel like you are experiencing it right now, I hope that these five reminders are helpful to you!

How To Tackle Email Overload | The Elgin Avenue

How To Manage Email Overload: 5 Tips Which Nixed My Inbox Demons

I used to absolutely DREAD my emails.

My inbox was a demon-like figure with a head which would grow back the moment I chopped it off! Sound familiar? Since then, ‘how to manage email overload’ is a topic I’ve become VERY friendly with.

After implementing a few new tactics myself, I feel like I might *just* have defeated my inbox demons.

Here’s how I’ve been tackling my inbox of late, so that most days I am fully on top of it.

Sometimes even (whisper it!) at inbox zero!

Wellbeing Habits To Get Into For A Happy And Healthy Year | The Elgin Avenue Blog

10 Wellbeing Habits To Get Into For A Healthy & Happy Year 

I am so excited about The Elgin Avenue this year! I just celebrated my eighth blogger-versary and, as with so many things, I feel more confident and settled the further into this journey I get. 

With eight years under my belt and a HEAP of learning to go with it, in 2019 I’m focusing on the content I REALLY love creating and sharing with you.

Meaning: no content because it’s on trend, or because it’s click-bait, or because I feel like it’s something I *should* be talking about . . . but purely sharing because I’m passionate about X, Y or Z.

And so . . . here we are, at one of my favourite topics – wellbeing. Specifically wellbeing habits. 

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