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Opening Up Online: How I Tackle Personal Topics On My Blog & Social Media

Blogging about personal topics can really help to bond bloggers with their readership. After all, vulnerability is one of the best ways to foster trust. And who doesn’t love to learn a little more about the people behind a blog or social channel? I know I do!

Despite blogging for 8+ years, I still find it fascinating to learn more about people!

Especially when I feel like I ‘know them’ – at least a little already – through their online channels. Give me a home tour, personal essay or *insert personal topic of choice* any day.

But on the flip side, there’s a question of where, as a blogger, you draw the line on what’s comfortable for you to share. Where is your privacy boundary?

Through my own curiosities and experience, I thought it’d be fun to open up about how I choose what to share online, and some of the boundaries I have in place.

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How To Manage Email Overload: 5 Tips Which Nixed My Inbox Demons

I used to absolutely DREAD my emails.

My inbox was a demon-like figure with a head which would grow back the moment I chopped it off! Sound familiar? Since then, ‘how to manage email overload’ is a topic I’ve become VERY friendly with.

After implementing a few new tactics myself, I feel like I might *just* have defeated my inbox demons.

Here’s how I’ve been tackling my inbox of late, so that most days I am fully on top of it.

Sometimes even (whisper it!) at inbox zero!

How I Keep My Creative Fuel Tank Topped Up Throughout The Year

Overwhelm and exhaustion suck.

And when you’re working in a creative field being knackered can totally deplete you of your ideas, imagination and enthusiasm. 

Here’s how I go about keeping my creative fuel tank topped up throughout the year.

I hope that my experience can help you to keep yours going too! Especially during this last push of the year before we hang up real clothes for pyjamas!

Just me ???? . . . ?!

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