Swapping In Clean Non-Toxic Beauty Products

Becoming educated in non-toxic beauty is one of the most important, and simple, lifestyle changes we can all look to make.

This year I feel like I’ve been in ‘research mode’ as I learn more about products, brands and ingredients.

Ideally I’d love to get to a point where most of my products are ‘safe’, and so I am thrilled to have Chelsea on board today to share her take on ‘clean beauty’ and her favourite ‘safe’ brands . . .

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Pro-Collagen Skincare & The Product Pairing I Swear By

We all have those friends/girl crushes who just ‘glow’. Those girls who emit a radiance which has you seeking their skincare tips like yesterday.

Whilst there are many factors which play a part in glowing skin – your lifestyle and genetics being two key components – you can also contribute greatly to the radiance of your skin by investing in effective skincare.

I’m sharing why I’m ALL about ELEMIS’s pro-collagen skincare range, and the dynamite duo of pro-collagen products which I am using on the daily. These products have proven (after months – even years! – of using them) that they truly deliver glow-getting results . . .


My Daytime Summer Makeup Look

When it comes to a daytime summer makeup look I am ALL about the glow.

Read on for my current favourite daytime summer makeup look, how to naturally ‘get that glow’ and a full low down of the products I am using to achieve it . . . !

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Why I Started Taking My Skincare Seriously & The Products In My Routine Right Now

Want to step up your skincare game? Get glowing, look rested (even if you don’t feel it!) and have confidence in your skin?

For years I relied on a topical antibiotic to take care of my breakouts, and by my mid-20s I’d had enough. It was time to start looking at my skincare in depth, and finding affordable everyday products which work for my skin.

Ultimately your skincare routine is unique to you, and I’d encourage you to discover which products really work for YOU, but in today’s post I am sharing the skincare steps which have really helped me, and my very favourite skincare products right now.

I hope this post will help those of you looking to find your ‘perfect skincare match’ or to just learn a little more about taking care of your skin.

Millie Mackintosh attends the launch of her July collaboration with Birchbox, London, UK - 30 June 2016

Beauty Chat With Millie Mackintosh

Birchbox is one of my favourite beauty brands and when I heard that they were teaming up with Millie for a special summer box in July, I knew I had to settle down for a few minutes with the lady whose flawless bronzed skin, Bambi eyes and signature rose lip stain has garnered over 1.2 million Instagram followers.

Read on for my girly one on one with Millie, we chat all things beauty, business and balance . . .

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