How to Care For Your Candles at Home: As Told by Lord Home’s Co-Founder, Jamie John Holder

How to care for your candles with Lord Home | The Elgin Avenue Blog Feature

As the days become shorter, one of the things bringing me daily joy is lighting candles. Autumn has always been my favourite season, and as I make small shifts at home to make it all the more cosy, lighting candles in the evening has become a ritual. It’s a clear signal that the working day is over, and R&R time is GO! Since I’m sure many of you are also well into the swing of candle-lighting season (my people!), I thought it would be a good time to discuss candle care.

And who better to ask about candle care than the co-founder of one of my favourite candle brands – Lord Home -Jamie John Holder?

Read on for Jamie’s top tips for taking great care of your candles, plus the backstory to this gorgeous clean-burning candle brand . . .

Spotlight On: Lord Home

How to care for your candles with Lord Home | The Elgin Avenue Blog Feature

You may recognise the name ‘Lord’ from my previous blog and Instagram posts.

Indeed, my husband Oli is one of the stylists at Lord Hair Salon in Winchester, the sister brand to Lord Home. It was through Lord Salon that I got to know Jamie and Tom, the salon’s co-founders, and now our dear friends.

Being the entrepreneurial duo they are, shortly after I was introduced to Jamie and Tom, I came to learn about a new business venture they had up their sleeves: Lord Home.

Lord Home is an organic soy candle brand, offering a succint collection of luxury nature-inspired scents.

As a candle lover myself, and an enthusiast of all things clean beauty, my interest upon hearing about Lord Home was piqued!

As fortune would have it, Jamie and Tom were looking for a guiding hand with their social media when they first launched, and asked me to add my two cents. I said a very speedy “yes!” and shortly after we were dreaming up mood boards, ‘brand bibles’ and shoots for Lord Home.


Working with Lord Home’s candles is this hygge-lover’s dream come true, and I hope you’ll love getting to know the brand in today’s post!

Though I am a little biaised as their stylist and friend, I truly love their products and think that you will too!

A Peek at Lord Home’s Scents

How to care for your candles with Lord Home | The Elgin Avenue Blog Feature

Currently Lord Home offers four core scents, and one new cosy-season aroma:

Core Collection

Sandalwood | Ylang Ylang

Oak Moss | Bay

Fireside | Cognac

Pressed Rose | Passionflower


Palo Santo | Patchouli

Which one piques your interest?!

How to Care For Your Candles

at Home:

As Told by Lord Home’s Co-Founder, Jamie

Lord Home Co-Founders Thomas Ferry and Jamie-John Holder
Lord Home co-founders Thomas Ferry and Jamie John Holder

Where did the concept for Lord Home come from?

Lord Home was born out of both curiosity and intent.

I love candles, fragrance and perfume aplenty! I wanted to be able to fill homes with scents that are as ‘nature intended’, but with the fragrance strength and luxury votives, that historically only artificial candles have had.

Burning candles containing tallow wax or potentially harmful ingredients, wasn’t an option. We wanted to focus on a clean alternative.

Plant-based candles are, in my opinion, the way forward, so I was curious to see if the luxury product I had in mind could be created this way!

I was also curious to see if it was possible to weave aromatherapy into high end products.

Fortunately, it can!

What inspires you and the scents you create?

I am a lover of the outdoors, of being amongst the trees and fields and flowers. Often I will pick up the smell of something in nature and want to play around with it for Lord Home.

The scents are designed to remind us of lovely, happy things; to evoke memories and bring those memories inside our homes.

Sandalwood reminds me of my time in Bali, of golden temples, statues and incense offerings.

Oak Moss is like zipping up your coat and going for an autumn walk; except you don’t have to get rained on and ruin your hair!

Each of our candles has aromatherapy benefits that actually work to uplift you too.

They’re more than just a pretty face!

You recently launched a new scent, Palo Santo | Patchouli, can you tell us a bit about it?

And why now is the perfect time to welcome Palo Santo | Patchouli into your home?

Palo Santo is a little known tree from the same family genus as sandalwood and frankincense. It comes from South America and the resin and wood has been used in holy ceremonies for hundreds of years.

I used to burn sticks of Palo Santo in my yoga classes and I wanted to switch this out for a more luxury and sustainable product.

Palo Santo | Patchouli is certainly an autumn and winter fragrance and lends itself very well to feeling cosy.

Containing notes of wood and hay, embers and patchouli; I’m so proud of how deep the scent is! The fragrance throw is fantastic and will fill an entire home within two hours.

It’s burning as we speak and I’ll keep it going most evenings until the spring. 

How to care for your candles with Lord Home | The Elgin Avenue Blog Feature

Autumn/Winter is all about candles, how can people take care of their candles?

Let’s be honest, luxury candles aren’t cheap, yet some people buy them, light them and literally hope for the best.

You do need to care for a candle, firstly to be safe, but also to get the most out of it.

Lord Home candles are designed to burn down without leaving any product on the walls of the glass votive. Our wicks are cotton and lead free, which is much safer for your lungs too.

Here are 3 ways you can ensure a clean, even burn:

  • keep the candle away from any draughty areas, if possible, but if it is in a draughty spot turn it frequently
  • ensure that nothing is hanging down into the candle and that there is plenty of space above it if it’s on a shelf or similar (for safety, but also to avoid black marks)
  • trim the wick down to around 0.5cms to prevent ‘mushrooming’ of the wick

How to care for your candles with Lord Home | The Elgin Avenue Blog Feature

Whats are the benefits of buying a ‘clean’ candle?

It goes far beyond just clean white walls and happy lung health!

All of our candles are made here; in Hartlebury, England. They are hand-poured by a family-owned company that have been operating for over 30 years. Having a ‘clean conscience’ is as important to us as our ‘clean products’, and it makes us really happy to know that we’re helping our British economy: providing jobs to passionate, skilled people!

Other than our exotics, the crops for our scents are grown here too.

Last year 65% of all of the crops used in our candles were grown in England on organic farms. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE that!

Clean lungs, clean fragrance and clean conscience.

What other items do you think are an autumn essential?

Do the piles of pumpkins and gourds I decorate my home with count?! I am channelling New England!

Conkers, acorns and lanterns look great alongside our candles to make lovely seasonal displays. I’ve gone a little mad with this both here and at our salon in Winchester.

Our Palo Santo | Patchouli candle will create the ambience of an open fire in the home. Great if, like me, you don’t have a real fire.

Aside from decor I’d say autumn isn’t complete without getting amongst the turning colours of nature; leaves must crunch under foot!

Hazelnut hot chocolates are a must, red wine and roast dinners with parsnips! 

How to care for your candles with Lord Home | The Elgin Avenue Blog Feature

What’s next for Lord Home?

The biggest thing for Lord Home at the moment is focusing on the fragrances we have, refining the scents and perhaps branching into room sprays or flameless diffusers in the future.

We’re looking for stockists around the country and are trying our best to work with as many local, independent and passionate shops and sellers as possible.

Pardon the pun, but a slow burn works well for us and gives time for people to try the various scents we have to offer. We want to build a relationship with each customer.

There’s a whole world out there and, it’s better with a candle burning!

Shop The Accessories


It is such a joy for me to share small independent brands with you!

You can peruse Lord Home’s full candle range online, and currently you can take 10% off sitewide using the code SLOWBURN.

Happy Hygge-season!

What’s Your Take?

Are you a candle fanatic too? If so, which scents do you usually go for?

Love, Monica x

Photography by Charlotte Bryer-Ash

Styling by me for Lord Home – check them out on Instagram! @LordHomeUK

How to care for your candles with Lord Home | The Elgin Avenue Blog Feature

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