Can One Beauty Product Cure Your Hair Woes?

June 10, 2016

SILKE London Black Hair Wrap | The Elgin Avenue

Silk Hair Wrap: ‘The Eva’ Style by SILKE London | Robe: Bought in Turkey

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SILKE London Hair Wrap | Beauty on The Elgin Avenue Blog

SILKE London Hair Wrap

The Story In Short

What: A silk hair wrap, which looks like a beautiful silk turban. Currently comes in 5 colour ways.

Why use it? If your hair frizzes, breaks and doesn’t grow. If you want to preserve your blow dry or hair style for days.

How: The silk hair wrap eliminates friction when you sleep, thus preventing breakage, distributing oils, and preserving hair styling. Hello 5-day blow dry ????????!

Find out more: SILKE London or keep on reading . . . !

Do you suffer with split ends? A combination of oily roots and dry tips? Frizz? Never-growing baby hair?

I know I sound like a cheesy voice-over guy here, bear with me . . . ????

If you do suffer with any of the above, as SO many of us do, including me, I HEAR YOU.

SILKE London is an innovative new beauty brand, founded by veteran hairdresser Maria (thirty two years in the business and counting) and her former City-worker daughter Christine. SILKE London’s first product offering, and the one I am confident they will become famous for, is the silk hair wrap.

Last week I had the honour of co-hosting an event with Maria and Christine at London’s Hoxton Hotel to share their product with some of my closest friends. You can read all about our event here – I love looking back on it!

I have to tell you guys, Maria and Christine are so passionate about SILKE London, they are the most amazing women to spend time with. To think that Maria turned some of her clients’ greatest hair woes in to a product which is literally changing people’s lives, is just so inspiring to me. I am honoured to have the opportunity to share their story with you. I know from first hand experience that it can help you too! In just a week I saw huge difference in the smoothness of my hair, and from SILKE London’s success stories I know that many women have gone on to grow the type of hair they always wished they could.

It takes some getting used-to going to bed in a silk hair wrap but having used it for a while it has simply become a part of my evening routine. I also love that the design of the hair wraps are so elegant, there is something Old Hollywood about slipping one on before going to sleep.

Read on for more about the benefits of getting to know SILKE London . . .

SILKE London Hair Wrap | Beauty on The Elgin Avenue BlogSILKE London Black Hair Wrap | The Elgin Avenue SILKE London Hair Wrap | Beauty on The Elgin Avenue Blog

Benefits of the SILKE London hair wrap

Benefit #1 Zero Frizz

As we sleep our hair comes in to contact with whatever it is against, most often this is a pillow. Every individual hair has many hair cuticles, which when smooth point in one direction, and when pushed back on themselves stand up on end. When they are smooth they look like a perfect blow dry, and when they stand on end this is frizz.

If you sleep with your head against a pillow you are most likely pushing your hair cuticles backwards – hence why you wake up with bed hair. (Not the good sexy-French-girl kind either ????)

The moment you start wearing a silk hair wrap you ELIMINATE friction = ZERO frizz.

Benefit #2 Preserve Your Style

On the day of our event, Oli kindly obliged in blow-drying my hair in the morning. I went to bed that evening wearing my hair wrap and my blow-dry stayed perfectly intact for FOUR DAYS straight. FOUR DAYS people!

Even when I haven’t had the benefit of a blow-dry behind me, I have noticed my hair is so much smoother in the morning for having worn my silk hair wrap through the night.

Benefit #3 Grow That Baby Hair

Have baby hair? The hair wrap helps by protecting those tiny new hairs whilst you sleep. Baby hair is a nightmare for me ( first thing to curl in the rain!) so I was particularly happy to hear of this benefit. If you are trying to grow your hair in general, it aids this too.

In just over a week, I have gone from a point where I was thinking of giving my hair a good chop – it was feeling so dry and dead – to now wanting to grow it, spurred on by SILKE London’s success stories.

Benefit #4 Distribute Your Natural Oil

Fellow dry shampoo addicts – raise your hand ✋????. I have been using dry shampoo for years in a bid to preserve my hair styling, whilst getting rid of pesky oily roots. I found in doing this, I could maintain my style for days, but I was left with dry ends and roots which always needed a spritz of dry shampoo.

By wearing the silk hair wrap you naturally distribute oils from your roots to your tips, therefore your hair doesn’t need to work extra hair from your roots to reach the ends – meaning you don’t have to wash or dry shampoo your hair nearly as often.

Interested in learning more? Check out SILKE London’s site here – I love the Hair Myths blog too – it totally lifts the lid on those (sometimes incorrect) advice snippets so many of us live by. 

What are your main hair concerns guys? How do you currently tackle them? 

Love, Monica x

Thank you to SILKE London for working with The Elgin Avenue on this campaign – and to you for supporting our awesome sponsors.


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