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Hands up if you’re on the struggle bus exercise-wise right now? One of my favourite bloggers Jess Ann Kirby coined this term on her Instagram, and it seems VERY fitting for that post-New Year slump.

It’s completely normal if around mid-February enthusiasm for your exercise goals wavers.

Rather than give up, now is the PERFECT time to pause, take stock, and re-commit!

I am a huge fan of drawing a line in the sand whenever you need a ‘mini reset’, and today (/tomorrow/your date of choice) is as good as January 1st to start afresh.

Together with personal trainer Rocky Penny, I’m sharing three workout routines over the next few months which you can follow along with.

Each of these routines is designed to fit in with a busy schedule, and shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to complete. They’re simple five exercise, three set routines that you can start as a complete beginner. You can complete these at home, or in a gym.

As you may recall, Rocky helped me to recover from injury two years ago, and since then exercise has been a regular part of my routine. Rocky is an incredible PT and I’m so excited to be able to share his knowledge with you.

“This workout routine is brilliant for getting you started. Five simple moves, three reps of each. It’s a non-initimidating start which will get you well on your way to feeling stronger, more energised and healthier.”

Take it from the girl who couldn’t do ONE squat prior to working with Rocky, you can choose to start your exercise journey at any time. Every single time you complete this workout, you’ll be getting that bit stronger. Cliché though it is, the hardest part by far is starting.

Give this simple beginners workout a go! Exercise has so many more benefits than simply improving your fitness, and the shape of your body. For me it’s also a big counterbalance to stress, a meditative activity and a confidence boost.

Read on for the full routine, and a Q&A with Rocky as to its purpose and effectiveness.

Rocky Penny’s

Beginners Workout Routine


Workout #1 – for beginners, either at home or at the gym

12 reps or 15-20 seconds of each exercise, 3 times over

Exercise 1 – Squats

Exercise 2 – Mountain Climbers

Exercise 3 – Tricep Dips

Exercise 4 – Plank

Exercise 5 – Press-Ups

If you are unsure of any of these moves, ask a trainer in your gym to help, or research the correct form online. Whenever I am unsure of my placement, I quickly Google a video to assist.


Why is this workout perfect for beginners?

This simple workout is perfect for beginners, not only do you hit a wide array of muscle groups it also helps teach good posture, core engagement and allows you to start building your exercise knowledge with mixed body movements.

How many reps should people aim for per move?

Rep count really does depend on the individual, the beauty with this type of work out is that you can use rep count or time for each exercise. For a complete beginner I would recommend 12 reps or 15-20 seconds each exercise.

What does each of the moves work on?

Squats – target not only legs (GLUTES, HAMSTRINGS, QUADS) it’s a brilliant exercise for core stability.

Mountain Climbers – work on shoulders, arms, abdominals and legs.

Tricep dips – work on mainly triceps, BUT variations do also target other areas such as shoulders and legs.

Plank – hits your whole core, do not relax during this exercise, squeeze your whole body as tight as you can..

Press ups – this is a great exercise for targeting chest, shoulders and core overall.

Any tips for completing each move most effectively?

Do not race through the exercise, this will lead you to perform poor execution, always re-position if you feel something is not right.

My number one tip is to ‘breathe’ during every repetition, always exhale on exertion. Imagine performing a squat, inhale as you start to lower into a squat position and then exhale as you stand and reach the top.

How many times a week do you recommend people doing the above?

As a beginner I would look to do this workout 3 times per week, perform each exercise 3 times (sets) also.

Although It’s important to not force progression you should look to aim to increase reps or time every 2 weeks, even if it’s by just 1!


This workout routine is brilliant for getting you started. Five simple moves, three reps of each. It’s a non-initimidating start which will get you well on your way to feeling stronger, more energised and healthier.

What’s Your Take?

How are you getting on health-wise right now? Have you made your exercise commitments for this year? And will you be giving this simple routine a go?

The next routine with Rocky will be coming up in a month’s time, if you have any questions about this routine leave them below!

If you’re Hampshire-based, you can look Rocky and his great work up here too.

Good luck! I’ll be taking part right alongside you!

Love, Monica x

 ** Thank you to Rocky Penny, New Energy Fitness and Fitique, Alresford for lending your knowledge and studios **

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