Beauty Chat With Millie Mackintosh

Millie Mackintosh

Last week I had the pleasure of hanging out with designer, instagram star and businesswoman Millie Mackintosh in honour of her new beauty launch with Birchbox UK.

Like anyone who started their Made In Chelsea-watching at Season 1, you will recognise Millie as the long tawny-limbed beauty from the early episodes of the show.

Birchbox is one of my favourite beauty brands and when I heard that they were teaming up with Millie for a special summer box in July, I knew I had to settle down for a few minutes with the lady whose flawless bronzed skin, Bambi eyes and signature rose lip stain has garnered over 1.2 million Instagram followers.

Read on for my girly one on one with Millie, we chat all things beauty, business and balance . . .

Beauty Chat With Millie Mackintosh

You started your career in makeup artistry, how did this launch your love for the beauty industry? 

I wanted to do a long three year makeup course but my parents said “we’re not putting your through three years of more schooling whilst you live in London and party” . . . fair enough! I did a short makeup course instead and worked at Space NK.

It was probably better to not do a long course for me anyway.

I needed something to do for myself so I was working in the store, doing test shoots and working for free just trying to build up my book. Space NK was good because they have different makeup brands, people would come in and train you from each brand which is how I learnt a lot.

I did actually really enjoy helping people find what they needed when they came in; if someone had a problem skin I would find it really rewarding to have people come back and say “you really helped me”.

I liked doing people’s makeup when they had a date or a night out. It was a really good way for me to learn because I had all of these faces and all of this makeup . . . it was practice and it was really fun!

Even before Space NK, when I was at boarding school, I was really into makeup and people would always get me to do theirs. The older girls would come and knock on my door would ask if I could do their makeup – it definitely helped me out for their protection in return!

Millie Mackintosh attends the launch of her July collaboration with Birchbox, London, UK - 30 June 2016

Inside the Never Ending Summer Birchbox with Millie Mackintosh. Click here to discover the selection of treats you may find in your July Birchbox.

How did the collaboration with Birchbox come about? And how was the process of creating your own lip colour? 

I’ve worked with Birchbox for the last two years. Birchbox had a pop-up a couple of years ago and they had me handing out boxes for a day. It was a day job and it introduced me to them – that was the first time I worked with them.

Birchbox then got in touch and said “would you like to do your own box?” And I was like “great!”. I love all the brands they use so I asked if I could choose my products and then they said “absolutely we want you to choose them!”.  Then they also mentioned that they would like me to create my own lip colour.

I knew immediately I wanted to do a natural pink

They sent me a load of different shades and we worked on it from there. I liked two and wanted to do a combination of both and then they developed it.

I tried lots on, the final colour is called Bohemian Rose, and from that we then we decided to call the box Never Ending Summer.


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You have your clothing line, collaborations and you’re generally a busy bee, how do you find divvying up your time, and what’s your best productivity tool?

Working out definitely gives me a lot of energy but it’s good to have down time and enough sleep. It’s really important to look after yourself, otherwise you just don’t have enough energy to go round!

You have to have time for friends and family as well, and I really value time out for me not looking at my phone or thinking about work. Even being at Glastonbury this weekend I had so much fun! I haven’t relaxed properly in ages and felt really far away from my normal life.

Getting out of London is good for my creativity, just to get out and be in the countryside.

I’ve started meditating this year, so I meditate twice a day on a good day, so it’s a morning and afternoon thing.

I use an App, it’s called Equanimity.  I try to do it somewhere I’m not going to be interrupted, so in the back of a cab is great. I’ll just say to the driver, “I’m just going to meditate”. I’ll be quiet for 20 minutes, and they don’t have a problem with it, they’re probably happy that you’re not talking to them!

So that time spent in the back of an Uber commuting somewhere, when you could be a bit stressed out and reading emails or looking on social media, you could be doing something more productive.

Millie Mackintosh attends the launch of her July collaboration with Birchbox, London, UK - 30 June 2016

Is there one beauty product you use that you recommend to every one of your girlfriends? 

I’m really into dewy skin and I’m kind of spoilt from Space NK days. A french brand called Chantecaille has this tinted moisturiser and I can’t not use it, it’s called ‘Just Skin’ and it really is just like skin. That’s my go to if I had to wear just one product.

You’re well known for exercising (Millie has graced the cover of Womens Health Magazine twice now!) and looking after your health, what kind of beauty regime do you have for the gym?

For the gym, I’m a no makeup girl. If I have a big blemish I’ll put some concealer on just to walk out the door so I don’t feel conscious of it, occasionally there’s photographers around. Apart from that it is just sunglasses on to go the gym. After the gym I always wash my face, I’ll take a cleanser in my handbag and then I’ll use a facial spritz. I always put an SPF moisturiser on.

I quite often start my day at the gym so will change and then go to meetings and put makeup on. But if I have a workout later in the day and I’ve been somewhere and had makeup on my trainer doesn’t recognise me! He’ll be like “what are you doing coming in with makeup on?!”

Millie Mackintosh attends the launch of her July collaboration with Birchbox, London, UK - 30 June 2016

Quick Fire Questions With Millie Mackintosh

How do you drink your coffee?

Black with cinnamon, it boosts your metabolism. Sometimes I’ll have a little dash of almond milk.

3 Instagram accounts you love to follow?

Anna Dello Russo’s for crazy fashion. Jamie Oliver, I’m always looking at like his recipes. I follow quite a lot of dogs – there’s one called the ‘World Of Bullies’ which is like french bull dogs and it’s just really cute. Oh and I love Lucy Williams’ account too.

Heels or flats?

Heels! I’ll wear trainers but the only other flats I wear are sandals on holiday or more recently Converse sometimes. I feel really comfortable in a slight heeled ankle boot or a sandal with a little heel.

What’s your next travel destination?

It is Paris for work next week.

Whose style inspires you? 

Olivia Palermo.

Finish this sentence “A party is great if…”

“. . . All your favourite people are there!”

“I am happiest when? . . .”

“. . . Eating!”

Thank you so much to Millie for taking the time for a girly chat, and to Birchbox for a beautiful evening at the launch.

You can sign up to subscribe to the Birchbox Never Ending Summer edition here. You can follow Millie on Instagram here, and check out her clothing collection too.

Have you guys ever tried meditation like Millie? Is dewy skin your first step in your makeup routine too? 

Love, Monica x

All images courtesy of Birchbox UK

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