An Introvert’s Guide To Refuelling

February 12, 2019

How To Refuel As An Introvert | The Elgin Avenue Blog

I’m so interested in learning about the way people ‘refuel’.

How you top up your energy, and recharge your batteries. It’s fascinating to me!

So much so that I often find myself comparing ‘relaxation rituals’ with friends (I’m sooo nosy like that!) and it’s amazing how polarising peoples’ experiences can be.

One person’s idea of ‘recharging’ can be another person’s WORST nightmare.

And lot of that comes down to how introverted or extroverted you are . . .

 Introvert, Extrovert or Ambivert?

How To Refuel As An Introvert | The Elgin Avenue Blog

In case you’re new to this concept, introversion and extroversion exist on a scale.

Being introverted means that you refuel by spending time alone or in the company of the people closest to you. You crave quiet time and peace.

If you’re an extrovert, you recharge by seeing others and being in company. You’re generally outgoing.

And if you’re an ambivert you sit somewhere in the middle; how extroverted or introverted you feel depends on the situation.

Being an introvert myself, I’ve learnt over the years how I refuel. Knowing exactly HOW to top up my energy has become a huge asset, since I now know how to counteract busy periods, or days when I’m low on energy.

If you’re an introvert too (heyyy!), I’ve rounded up a few of the ways I refuel. These are my tried and tested recipes, and I hope you’ll love them too!

I also put the question out on Instagram Stories, and I got some great replies, so I’ve popped those at the bottom of this post.

10 Things I Love To Do To Refuel As An Introvert

How To Refuel As An Introvert | The Elgin Avenue Blog

1 – Schedule time alone.

This may seem antisocial AF, but spending time alone is genuinely one of my favourite things to do. I’ve never minded my own company, and having time completely alone gives me the quiet headspace I need to relax and recharge.

Sometimes I need an hour, and sometimes I need a whole day, but scheduling in that time is like a little gold-plated gift in my diary.

2 – Watch TV.

I LOVE watching TV! Almost every morning I take 30 mins to make my breakfast, sit down and watch TV. For me it is total escapism. I don’t use my phone or do anything else. It’s so restorative to dive into another world for a little while, and it’s something I look forward to every day. The same goes for the evenings. Oli and I tend to watch an episode of a show before we go to bed.

3 – Indulge in an at-home pamper.

Once a week I take the time to indulge in a little pamper. This could be a masking routine (I love Murad’s Clarifying Mask + a Patchology sheet mask atm!), or an at-home manicure. Whatever it is, it’s another opportunity for me to press pause and focus on a quiet ritual just for me. B L I S S.

How To Refuel As An Introvert | The Elgin Avenue Blog

4 – Spend time with family.

Being an introvert doesn’t mean that you don’t *like* spending time with people (I LOVE people!), but large groups or lots of new faces can be draining. When I’m low on energy spending time with my family and/or Oli can be just the ‘pause’ I need.

5 – Spend time with my BFFs.

Just like spending time with my family, hanging out with my besties is always energy-giving. Give me an evening in, my girls, and fizz on tap and we’re good to go!

6 – Gym-coffee-podcast.

A few years ago I started a little routine of heading to the gym, getting a coffee post-workout and listening to a podcast on the way home. If ever I’m low on energy that trio of activity will always pep me up. It’s a way of getting in the alone time I crave, plus exercise, plus caffeine. So actually, I guess that’s a no-brainer haha!

How To Refuel As An Introvert | The Elgin Avenue Blog

7 – A creative outing.

Some time ago I was feeling particularly ‘meh’ sat at my desk. Instead of letting procrastination overwhelm me, I decided to embark on a ‘creative outing’. I popped along to one of my favourite independent stores – Long Barn – and just browsed for a while. It was so restorative to change environment, and yet it was nice to be casually in the company of others.

8 – Magazine time.

I’m an old-school magazine lover, and I have stacks of them dotted about the flat. If a magazine has a nice cover, I’ll keep it. A great interview? I’ll keep it. You get the picture ha! Give me a magazine, a warm cup of something and a clear half an hour and I am ZEN.

9 – Work.

Given that I work for myself, largely by myself, this is one of my favourite ‘introverted ways’ to recharge.

I can quietly tap away at my keyboard, and top up my batteries whilst getting things done. Win/win!

10 – Housework.

Weirdly I find housework, and styling the flat, energy-giving. If the flat is a tip there’s an underlying stress, and so taking the time to sort it out feels so good. It’s not just the end result though (although that IS great), it’s the process of quietly getting on with it which appeals to this introverted gal ????????

How To Refuel As An Introvert | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Your Answers! How You Like To Refuel As An Introvert via Instagram DMs

I asked: “A quick question for my fellow introverts. How do YOU refuel?”

You answered . . .

A giant pamper and chill. @lauren.j.mckinney

Just the feeling that I can take life at my own pace on my agenda instantly helps! Also clutter: home has to feel clutter free, clean and tidy. @jo_prado

Cooking a nutritious meal from scratch just for me, so I can zone out and be by myself, even if just for an hour. – @sophie_paget

I refuel by quietly organising my house which is methodical and peaceful : ) By the end I feel like my life is in order too! @alyssa.q.schmid

A weekend of JOMO! Netflix and food. I can always tell when I need one and keep me charge and sane for a good couple of weeks @charlottewood.mua

Sounds daft, but rubbish TV is such a gift for me. Always helps my mind slow down a little and refuel. @sarahgraceneale

Thank you and amen to all of your answers!


Knowing how to recharge has helped me to find more balance in life, and that can only be a GOOD thing!

Owning my ‘refuelling time’ has allowed me to let go of self-imposed guilt for turning invitations down, or making time in my diary to be me, and me alone.

I don’t feel the need to apologise for how I recharge since being on top of my energy means that when I AM in company, I can give it my all ????

What’s Your Take?

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Or are you an ambivert?! I would LOVE to hear how you refuel, and if you have any additional ways you’d add to this piece.

Love, Monica x

Photography by Charlotte Bryer-Ash

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