11 Of My Favourite Affordable Home Decor Brands

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One of the things I get asked about most often, by friends and by readers, is where to shop for great affordable home decor. And I GET it, I always want to know peoples’ tips and tricks! Off of the back of such requests (and much research!), I thought I’d pull together a list of my favourite affordable home decor brands.

Cue a VERY fun task!

Some of these brands are SUPER affordable (like hiiiii £1.99 candle holders!) and others will stretch the ‘affordability mark’ a little. But all of these are brands I have products from in my own home, and which I believe are WELL worth purchasing from.

Plus! If brands feel out of your price range when full price, make sure you sign up to their newsletters so that you’re first in line for sales!

You ready to dig in?!

Here are 11 of my favourite affordable home decor brands . . .

11 of my Favourite Affordable Home Decor Brands

1 – Elizabeth Scarlett

Elizabeth Scarlett Palmier Cushions in Green | The Elgin Avenue Blog Home Decor

~ Cushions: Elizabeth Scarlett ‘African Palmier in Khaki Velvet’ c/o ~

Elizabeth Scarlett Palmier Cushions in Green | The Elgin Avenue Blog Home Decor

You can’t have perused my Instagram account without having seen MANY an Elizabeth Scarlett product.

Elizabeth Scarlett is a homeware and fashion accessories brand, known for its beautiful embroidered designs. Think palm trees, pineapples, lemons . . . there are so many lovely motifs, all inspired by St Tropez and travel.

I L O V E my Elizabeth Scarlett pieces. The bedding is so soft – it makes hopping into bed an absolute joy. The cushions, which are dotted around our home (I have an addiction) bring an additional layer of playfulness, texture and colour into each room.

Whenever guests come to visit I get quizzed about our cushions, and I can’t keep track of the number of friends I have gifted an Elizabeth Scarlett pouch to. Not home decor I know, but the pouches are SO handy, and you can even get them monogrammed now!

Grey And Royal Blue Bedroom Decor | The Elgin Avenue Blog Home Tour

2 – La Redoute

La Redoute Cushions | Monica Beatrice Welburn Home Office Tour

~ Cushion: La Redoute c/o (Similar & On Sale) ~

~ Sofa: Furniture Village c/o | Marble Table: French Connection ~

You know that a homeware brand is doing something right when one of its pieces goes so viral it needs its own Instagram account!

THE La Redoute rug may be La Redoute’s most famous homeware item, but the brand has SO much to offer beyond its monochrome berber rug.

What I love about La Redoute is the breadth of its product offerings, and the quality of the pieces. Alllll for a great price. Win/win/win!

Whenever I attend one of their press days I’m blown away by the stories the brand creates. Whether you love bohemian pieces, a refined minimalist palette or something more dramatic, you will be able to find something you want to bring into your home!

In our home my favourite La Redoute pieces include this incredible jug which holds pampas grass in our entrance way, the gorgeous cushions in my new home office, and of course, some rugs (including THE rug!).

3 – India May Home

India May Home Bone Inlay Mirror | The Elgin Avenue Blog Home Tour

~ Mirror: India May Home c/o (Current Season) | Small Bud Vase: Alresford Linen ~

India May Home Leather Pouf | The Elgin Avenue Blog Home Tour

India May Home Bone Inlay Mirror | The Elgin Avenue Blog Home Tour

Ahhh India May Home! Independent stores are often where you’ll find true treasures that not *everyone* has.

Over the years I’ve accumulated a few India May Home pieces, including the bone inlay mirror which I’d been fawning over for years. It makes me SO happy to see it every day. I also have a couple of leather poufs which are the perfect addition to our living room and my office. They’re ideal for ‘perching’ or propping your feet up.

I also have a brass tray which I use ALL the time, it has been styled into many different areas of my home.

All of India May Home’s pieces are sourced directly from artisans, and are hand-checked before being sent to customers.

I can’t sing this brand’s praises enough! If you love elegant bohemian style, you’ll be in heaven perusing India May Home!

4 – Anthropologie

Anthropologie Home Decor Table Setting | The Elgin Avenue Blog Table Decor Anthropologie Home Decor Table Setting | The Elgin Avenue Blog Table Decor

I mean, who doesn’t love Anthropologie?!

Anthropologie has been one of my dream brands for many years, and in all honesty, the fact that I now work with them semi-often is still a ‘pinch me’ situation.

I love everything about this brand, from the in-store experience (which is worth a day out in itself), through to the messaging on social media/in newsletters, and of course . . . the homeware.

Without fail, whenever we have friends over for dinner, I get quizzed about one Anthropologie item or another. It’s impossible not to notice them! They’re always elevated by some sort of pretty detail, be it a gold element, a special design or an unusual shape.

Anthropologie Home Decor Table Setting | The Elgin Avenue Blog Table Decor

Anthropologie brings an eclectic well-travelled feel to all of its pieces, and the items I have in my home from the brand are amongst my most-treasured.

I’ve rounded up some of my current favourites below . . .

5 – Alresford Linen

Alresford Linen Shop Alresford | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Don’t you love an independent shop which you can stop in at and peruse for a loooooong time?!

Amongst my friends and I, Alresford Linen is our go-to for gifts.

Between us I think that we have almost all of the items in the shop!

Much like my Anthropologie pieces, the little trinkets which I’ve picked up (or been given by friends and loved ones) from Alresford Linen always prompt a “where did you get that from?!” inquiry.

My favourite pieces historically have included striped bowls with gold detailing, recycled glass bud vases and palm tree candle holders.

You can shop online with Alresford Linen (which is great!), but if you get a chance, do take the time to pop into store since it’s such a lovely experience. The shop has also just expanded into the next door premises so there’s a brand new coffee bar and fashion area too.

*All the heart-eye emojis!*

6 – H&M Home

HM Home Blue Vase | The Elgin Avenue Blog Home Tour

~ Above ~ Vase: H&M Home c/o | Table: From Oli’s Grandparents ~

~ Below ~ Mirror: H&M Home c/o (Similar) ~

Mirror Ideas For Your Home | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Do enough people know HOW good H&M Home is?!

I still feel like H&M home is an untapped GEM of a home decor store, and so I’m bringing it to your attention in case you haven’t already fallen head over heels.

H&M home has a plethora of incredible pieces. And honestly, I think they’re some of the best-priced home decor items on the high street.

My cushion covers were less than £10 each, and when I popped into store last week I saw the sweetest candle holders for £1.99! I mean . . .

Much like La Redoute, H&M Home caters for many different tastes.

You can be a minimalist, maximalist, colour-lover . . . whatever. You will find something you adore in here.

Special mention goes to their rugs which are SO affordable. Especially if you are looking for a large size. Often big rugs are hugely expensive, but H&M Home has lots of lovely ones for a great price.

I’ve rounded up some of my faves below . . .

7 – Vintage & Secondhand

Vintage Mirror | The Elgin Avenue Blog

~ Mirror: Vintage | Tray: India May Home ~

~ Rug: French Connection Home | Pink Enamel Bowl: La Redoute ~

 Below ~ Recycled Glass Vase: Vintage ~

Repurposing Recycled Glass Vase | The Elgin Avenue

When I take a scan of my home, so many of the pieces I treasure most are from vintage or secondhand sources.

I’ve always loved treasure-hunting in charity shops, at carboot sales or in vintage stores. There is something so exciting about not knowing what you’ll stumble upon, and about bringing something back to life.

If you’re curious about buying secondhand pieces, here is a great article from Geneva on items which are always worth looking for.

To add my two cents, I always try to picture a piece IN my home, and stick to my overall colour palette. It’s also important to check the condition of things. If something is downright dirty (old stains on fabrics can be hard to get out for instance), or broken, it may be worth passing on.

Also! Ask your family and friends if they have items they’re thinking of getting rid of. Oli and I both chose pieces from our grandparents and it’s so lovely to have a piece of them in our home.

8 – IKEA

IKEA Artisan Style Vases in Blue | The Elgin Avenue Blog

~ Large Blue Vase: IKEA | Small Blue Vase: IKEA  ~

~ Small ‘Capri’ Candle: Anthropologie c/o | Perfume: Jo Malone Orange Blossom c/o | Tray: Vintage ~

Blue IKEA Vases | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Did you think I was going to create an affordable home decor roundup without including IKEA?!

Just recently when updating my home office, I ended up buying most of the furniture and items in the room from IKEA.

I’ve also picked up lots of lovely trinkets, including two gorgeous vases which look more artisan than IKEA.

It pays off to go in with a VERY specific list of things you need when you make an IKEA trip. I actually prefer to go alone since I can then focus fully, and – top tip! – open an IKEA Family Card since there are often great additional discounts you can get.

9 – French Connection

French Connection Poppy Fields Rug | The Elgin Avenue Blog

~ Rug: French Connection | Mirror: Vintage ~

~ Image via @MonicaBeatrice ~

A little while ago I popped up some Instagram Stories about French Connection’s homeware, and so many people DM’d me! Turns out, not that many people knew that French Connection do GREAT home pieces.

I have a lovely runner rug, a marble side table and a big glass jug from French Connection and they’re all gorgeous.

The French Connection design aesthetic has a well-travelled vibe, and sticks to a fairly unisex colour palette of rich earthy tones and natural materials, which I like since overly-saccharine spaces are not my jam.

I’m calling it now – you need to get in on the French Connection home action!

10 – Kalinko

Kalinko Butler Tray | The Elgin Avenue Blog

~ All Items: Kalinko ~ Image via Kalinko

If you are on the lookout for beautifully-designed artisan homeware, you need to know about Kalinko.

Founded in 2016, Kalinko connects artisans in Burma to you and I, and customers the world-over.

Each Kalinko item is handmade, and truly the pieces are beautiful.

I recently ordered this rattan ice bucket for our new bar area (I can’t wait to share the reveal with you!), and I have my eye on just about every other rattan piece from Kalinko.

A GREAT name to know!

11 – Sainsbury’s Home

Sainsbury Home Edit | The Elgin Avenue -154

Sainsbury's Home Vase | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Sainsbury's Home Dinner Set | The Elgin Avenue Blog

A gem of a supermarket brand! Sainsbury’s Home is one of the best affordable home decor brands in the UK right now.

Through working closely with the brand over the last few years I have come to understand the extent of the care that goes into each and every collection.

Did you know that Sainsbury’s Home has in-house specialists for just about every product category?

The price point on these pieces may be affordable, but the time, effort and execution is super high quality.

Shop here for budget items which look luxe. Special mention goes to the dinnerware which is truly fantastic, and if you are looking to build up a large set (which can be pricey) then Sainsbury’s Home is a great place to go.

Bonus Brand! A by Amara

OK I know I said I’d highlight 11 brands, but I’m on a roll!

I recently met with the team at Amara, and I can’t not tell you what they have in store!

I’ve long-loved Amara for the plethora of gorgeous brands they stock.

But did you know that Amara now has its own in-house brand A by Amara?!

A by Amara is typified by its luxurious glamorous details, all for a great price point. Think rose quartz, marble, mother of pearl . . . these are the pieces which will deliver a ‘luxe touch’ to your home.

I’ve rounded up some of my favourites below . . .


Do you love working on your home decor as much as I do?

If you’re a homebody like me, creating a space which feels truly ‘your own’ is such an important thing.

As this article on Wit & Delight shares “Our personal spaces are the ones that set the stage for our lives.” – and don’t you want that stage to look great ?????!

This has been such a fun post to put together! I hope that it’s genuinely helpful for you!


Do you already shop with these brands? If so, what’s your favourite thing from each?! I’d love to hear from you!

And if you have any others to add to the list, please let me know below!

I am ALL for another home decor rec!

Love, Monica x

Photography by Charlotte Bryer-Ash

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