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7 Ways To Create Instead Of Consume

August 31, 2016

How To Create Valuable Blog Content | The Elgin Avenue Blog

7 Ways To Create Instead Of Consume

How To Create Valuable Blog Content | The Elgin Avenue Blog

This is without a doubt one of the most transformative pieces of business advice I have ever been given:

Stop consuming. Start creating.

If you’re anything like me, when you first read the above, you’ll do a little eye pop motion/lightbulb-going-on thing. ????!

Create. Stop consuming. So simple!

Here’s how this quote first came to me . . .

I was in a no-inspiration zone sometime last year, and as I often did when I was stumped for ideas, I sought inspiration elsewhere. I read some of my favourite blogs, perused Instagram accounts I love, read up on a ton of tips via the business websites I enjoy . . .

And unfortunately, I was as stuck as ever. Until I stumbled across the below . . .

“Stop consuming. Start creating.”

How To Create Valuable Blog Content | The Elgin Avenue Blog

I truly believe now that, prior to learning of this advice, I was too focused on consuming content over creating it. This in turn was stifling my own creative mojo.

These little internet ‘inspiration jaunts’ took up my time, and often led me to comparing myself to others. Which, as I have written about before, can be a dangerous route to go down.

The great news is – you can start creating ANY time you want. And hopefully, kick start your creative fire once more.

I’ve rounded up seven ways to get creative below, and I’d love to know of any other creative routes you like to tap in to when you are feeling uninspired.

7 Ways To Create Today

  1. Try your hand at some simple art. This tutorial is one of my favourites to reference.
  2. Create a beautiful flat lay for Instagram. I like this cute video post on creating gorgeous flat lays.
  3. Write a card to someone you care about. And crucially – post it! This is especially rewarding if you have a long distance friendship.
  4. Start a new Pinterest board, and curate it to your heart’s content. It may even inspire you to create something else – like a delicious healthy recipe.
  5. Pot a new plant. I love IKEA’s cactus range, and love playing around with different pots. Having plants or flowers around me always helps me to feel inspired – PLUS they make great accessories for those flat lays!
  6. Sign up to a creative class. This isn’t an immediate gain, but one you can look forward to.
  7. Write a blog post – even if you don’t have a blog! You can always submit it to another site.


And there you have it – 7 ways to create rather than consume today.

What is your take? Do you guys find it hard to get out of a creative slump? What’s your favourite technique for mining your inspiration?

And will you be trying any of the above? I’d love to hear from you below, or you can tweet me your thoughts too.

Happy creating!

Love, Monica x

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