5 Ways To Make Someone’s Day, Month or Even Year

July 12, 2017

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5 Ways To Make Someone’s Day, Month or Even Year

Last week something entirely unexpected – and ALL kinds of awesome – happened to me.

It showed me, that the smallest of generous actions from someone else can completely make your day, month or even year.

What happened, I hear you ask?

Lydia Elise Millen, founder of the eponymous lifestyle blog and beautiful Youtube channel (400K+ subscribers!) mentioned me in her Instagram Stories.

And things got crazy.

You may have caught Lydia’s Stories, but in case you didn’t Lydia said some very lovely things about The Elgin Avenue, and my channels, which left me slack-jawed and blushing furiously behind my screens.

This random act of kindness from Lydia crashed my website(!) and sent so many wonderful new Insta-friends my way.

Aside from the numbers, Lydia’s sweet words, and subsequently the kind words of the new followers she introduced to me, gave me a genuine confidence boost completely out of the blue.

Lydia’s Instagram Stories mention made more of an impact on me then perhaps even Lydia was anticipating and today I want to delve more in depth into the realm of Random Acts of Kindness.

You have the power to make someone’s day, month or even year a whole lot lovelier. 

Today I want to share with you not only how Lydia’s random act of kindness was a boost for me, but also to share how you too can make someone’s else’s day, month or even year.

It can take a few seconds, minutes or days of your time, but I truly believe that you have the ability to change someone’s life (dramatic though it sounds!) for the better.

Read on for 5 Ways To Make Someone’s Day, Month or even Year . . .

 5 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Participate In


1 – Compliment Someone

Time taken: Seconds.

Cost: Free!

One of the easiest ways you can make someone’s day a little brighter is to compliment them.

Take the time to really think about what compliment you’d like to deliver. A compliment delivered with a genuine warmth can really turn someone’s day around.

Often we default to complimenting people on their outfit, hair . . . generally the way they look. Whilst this is super lovely, and a “you look gorgeous!” will never go amiss, I really appreciate it when people go the extra mile to deliver a compliment about something a little deeper.

If it’s a good friend of yours, you could try complimenting them on a quality you really admire in them. If it’s a colleague you can try complimenting them on a skill they excel in.

A compliment will take you seconds to deliver, but it could stay with that person forever.

I know complimenting people can feel a little embarrassing, especially if it’s a stranger, but it’ll only take seconds and you can swiftly move on right afterwards!


2 – Send a ‘Just Because’ Card

Time Taken: 10 minutes

Cost £5

A hand written card shows so much care and attention – it’s like a little parcel of love arriving on your doorstep.

Ever since I was little, the second I notice that an envelope is hand-addressed (and therefore likely a personal card!) I can’t wait to open it.

Writing cards takes time, no two ways about it, so I like to bulk buy beautiful cards when I find them and sit down to a writing session. I write a list of 1 – 5 friends I want to send a little love to, and write, address and post all of the cards in one go.

This small gesture has been especially important in keeping long distance friendships close over the years.

If a hand-written card seems too taxing, or you don’t have your friend’s address to hand, then you can always send a Paperless Post card. I LOVE Paperless post, and try as best I can to mark special dates in my diary for friends such as interviews and anniversaries so I can easily send across a little online note.

Ella and I go in depth into how we value our friendships in Episode 7 of our podcast Let’s Discuss.

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3. Gift Flowers

Time Taken: 10 minutes

Cost: Up to you! I’ve spent £5 – £35 depending on the occasion.

Who doesn’t love to receive flowers?! Flowers bring so much joy into any space, and it is always a complete delight to receive blooms.

I absolutely adore delivering blooms to friends and family, as much as I love to receive them!

A pretty bunch of £5 roses from Tesco can completely make a friend’s week. Just as a huge ‘thank you’ bouquet can leave a lasting impression on someone you really want to share your gratitude with.

Flowers are a gift which have impact when you first deliver them, and even more so as your receiver continues to enjoy them over the coming days.


4. Champion People

Time taken: Seconds!

Cost: Zero

Become a champion for people when you see them going the extra mile, or in need of a little nudge of encouragement.

How often have you had amazing service in a restaurant or shop, and gone the extra mile to mention it to the manager? Your endorsement takes seconds, but can  make the biggest difference to that person’s day. Even perhaps their career!

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing interns at The Elgin Avenue over the past few years. As they have always been students, I like to reach out to their course tutors to share how awesome I think they are, and how well they are performing at their internships. Those few moments of my time, help to share how brilliantly that person is doing so that their course tutor can recognise the extra efforts they are going to outside of their regular studies.

Championing people can take a different form too – via social media! Just as Lydia championed The Elgin Avenue in her Instagram Stories last week, you too can use any of the platforms you love to share other accounts you are enjoying. Shout out the people who you love the content of!

And in the spirit of this, here are 3 of my current favourite Instagram accounts:




5. Pay It Forward

Time Taken: Seconds

Cost: Up to you!

A few years ago I read this post from Emily and was introduced to the concept of ‘paying it forward’.

Paying it forward can take many different guises, but one of the easiest is to cover the cost of someone else’s coffee without them knowing!

At Starbucks for instance I’ve heard of people who leave double the money for their order so that the next person can get theirs for free. 

How much you spend on this random act of kindness is totally up to you! £2.50 for a coffee, or like in Emily’s story, you could push the boat out and pay for someone’s meal. 

Again, this is as big or small a commitment as you’d like to make it, but it can completely make someone’s day, month or who knows, even year!


What’s Your Take?

I’d love to hear from you! Have you been on either side of the ‘day-making’ fence? Have you gone the extra mile to make someone’s day, or has someone made yours?

Drop me a line below to let me know. I’d love to hear your story!

Love, Monica x

Photography by Marlene Lee

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