5 Ways To Incorporate More Kindness In To Your Everyday

January 30, 2016

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Our current Mantra Of The Week is testament to today’s post: “Kindness is always fashionable, and always welcome.” – Amelia E. Barr.

I hope that you find one or all of today’s methods for incorporating more kindness in to your day helpful. I would love to hear your thoughts at the bottom of this post!

Also, a heads up, Croissant Reading is headed your way on Sunday this week, not Saturday as it is usually. If you are missing your fix today, explore our Croissant Reading archives for great posts to catch up on!

. 5 Ways To Incorporate More Kindess In To Your Everyday . 

1. The ‘Flip It’ method. Change your perspective from thinking about how your day is going, to how the person you are interacting with’s day is going instead. We’ve all experienced someone being a bit ratty with us – next time this happens to you – think ‘how is this person’s day going?’ you’ll likely begin to understand that perhaps not everything is going well for them, and that’s what’s causing friction. If you get that impression, be kind to them, not abrasive. Kindness can cure someone’s bad mood – or at least help to make it a bit better.

2. Go the extra mile. Actively think “How can I make someone’s day better?”. I’ve often perused a shop and thought “Oh ‘so and so’ would love this!” only to not buy it, and kick myself later. Try acting on your thoughts next time, when someone comes to mind – send them a text or email, checking in and seeing how they are, or go the extra mile and pick up that little gift and post it to them. It is a small extra effort on your part which can make a huge difference to someone’s day. Going to the Post Office & waiting in line is faff, but the benefit felt by the receiver far outweighs your inconvenience. Whilst you’re in line, take the opportunity to catch up on a podcast.

3. Date your friends. I don’t mean romantically, but seriously, consider dating your friends. We put so much effort in to dating people we are interested in romantically, but friendship is just as important and valuable to invest in. Make time to go to galleries, the cinema, out to an amazing restaurant . . . and on occasion, if you can, treat them! I’m always bowled over by the generosity of my friends when they randomly pick up the bill, it is such a sweet gesture and one which I will always return, but knowing that in that instance they’re treating you – wow, that’s awesome!

4. Be nice to everyone. I mean everyone. Don’t save your best hello for your friend in the office, be nice to everyone you encounter – try it just for a day to start. I often find that commuting on the tube is the worst for non-friendliness. People tend to be grumpy, grunt instead of talk and get irritable. On occasion though, someone makes the effort to simply smile and actually talk when you bump in to them (as inevitably happens), and that ‘Hey, don’t worry about it. It’s so crowded here.’ silly though it sounds, is a much much nicer interaction than that grunt and grumble you normally receive. Being nice and kind to everyone you meet will not inconvenience you in any way, it’s also infectious, so go ahead and create that ripple effect!

5. Add one positive line to every email you send. I email a lot everyday, and there are certain interactions that can really brighten my day. These sunny interactions always contain a little extra thought from the sender, perhaps they comment on a recent Instagram snap of a cafe I’ve visited, or note that the weather’s looking really lovely today, whatever it may be, by expanding the conversation to include something thoughtful, it inevitably creates a more enjoyable interaction. When you’re not necessarily speaking with people face to face, it also allows a more personable conversation which is always nice. Next time your typing out an email, think “Can I add something extra?”

What do you guys think? Do you have any other ways you like to incorporate kindness in to everyday? You can check out more of my Positive Priorities for 2016, here

Wishing you guys a great weekend ahead!

Love, Monica x

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