5 Things To Remind Yourself Of When Imposter Syndrome Hits

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What is Imposter Syndrome?

If you’ve ever felt like you’re not ‘good enough’ for or at something, specifically something you are rather good at, the likelihood is that you’ve experienced Imposter Syndrome.

As the name suggests, Imposter Syndrome makes you feel like you are about to be ‘found out’ because you’re not ‘really’ as good or as qualified as people think you are.

Imposter syndrome is when you feel ‘less than’, or ‘not worthy’ of taking part in something, pursuing a goal or taking on a role, which you are 100% capable of.

And I’m pretty sure it’s affected us all at some point!

The funny thing is, whenever I chat to people about their ‘imposter insecurities’, I’m always amazed! The people who feel a sense of imposter-ness are always those who I view to be the most capable!

On a personal level there have been plenty of occasions when I’ve doubted my capabilities, or wondered why I’ve been asked to do something.

If you’ve ever experienced Imposter Syndrome, or feel like you are experiencing it right now, I hope that these five reminders are helpful to you!

5 Things To Remind Yourself Of When Imposter Syndrome Hits

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1 – You Are A ‘Contributor’ Not ‘The Authority’

Rather than baring the weight of being ‘the authority’ on something, shift your mindset to that of a ‘contributor’.

You may be ‘an’ authority on something, but unless you’re J.Lo and the subject is hoop earrings, it’s unlikely you’ll be ‘the’ authority. So don’t sweat it!

You’re not expected to have all the answers. Shake off some self-imposed pressure!

Instead you can contribute to the conversation . . . the meeting . . . the knowledge.

Your contribution is valuable.

2 – If Someone Has Put Their Faith In You, They Already Know That You Can Do It

How often have you been tasked with something which feels wayyy outside of your comfort zone?

Perhaps you’ve been given a promotion before you felt ready? Or your friend asked for your help with something, which you don’t feel equipped for?

If someone else has put their faith in you, they already believe/know that you can do it!

Borrow some faith from the person that believes in you, and go for it!

Oftentimes it takes getting thrown in at the deep end to discover how capable you really are.

And if it all goes t*ts up . . . see below ha!

3 – You Will Only Learn And Grow, If You Push Yourself To Try – And Do – New Things

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Imposter syndrome can dampen your inclination to try new things.

It feels FAR more comfortable to pursue things you are already familiar with, and which feel ‘safe’ and achievable.

It’s important to keep pushing yourself so that you continue to learn and grow.

Next time you feel like you are not deserving enough, or equipped enough, for that next big challenge, remember that you have an opportunity to learn and to grow.

As Gretchen Rubin shares in her book The Happiness Project, living in ‘an atmosphere of growth’ is one of the most important things we can do to contribute to our own happiness.

4 – Dare Greatly And The Universe Will Catch You

I don’t remember when or where I first heard this saying, but I’ve come across it a handful of times.

Similarly to a lack of desire to try new things, Imposter Syndrome can hold you back from taking a big leap. You may feel like you’re not capable or worthy enough of ‘x’, ‘y’ or ‘z’ adventure, but you ARE! We all are!

Every single time I’ve braved something (like my big trip to Austin), and decided to trust in myself and yes – woo woo alert! – the Universe, the results have been better than I ever could have imagined.

You’ll be surprised by how many people will come to your assistance, and how many things will align for you, when you step into a big dream or goal of yours.

Just think, what is one of your big dreams right now . . . ?!

5 – Break Your Goals Down In To Smaller Tasks

A feeling of overwhelm can make it easier for Imposter Syndrome to hit.

Afterall, if ‘x’ goal feels unachievable, who are you to even try?! Or so imposter syndrome would like you to think . . . !

The truth is, any goal is achievable if you break it down into smaller tasks.

Even the biggest of goals, like changing careers, moving countries or starting your own business . . . they’re all do-able if you approach them via small steps.

My favourite method for making things feel more manageable is macro to micro to-do lists.

Macro to-do lists help you to look at the bigger picture.

Micro to-do lists help you to navigate the every day.

Buh-bye Imposter Syndrome!

What’s Your Take?

I really hope that the reminders above can help you to navigate away from Imposter Syndrome.

Have you ever experienced Imposter Syndrome? If so, how did you handle it? Any tips you can add to the conversation?!

And do any of these methods feel like a good fit for you?

I’d love to hear from you!

Love, Monica x


Imposter Syndrome - How To Handle It | The Elgin Avenue Blog

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