5 Mindful Activities You Can Try If You Don’t Like Meditating

May 22, 2018

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I’m a huge fan of meditation, but I know that its traditional form isn’t for everyone. 

Meditating has many benefits – one of the biggest being that it centres your thoughts and helps you to find a pocket of calm in an otherwise busy day. 

This practice of centring your thoughts, is also known as mindfulness. Being present in the here and now. 

If practicing traditional meditation doesn’t appeal to you, you can still allocate a mindful time slot, via another activity. 

I’ve rounded up five of my favourites below, but anything which helps you to centre yourself for a while counts! Get to know when you feel your most focused and content, and/or try a new hobby to get you there. 

I’m excited to hear how you get on!

White Blazer Outfit | Monica Beatrice Welburn | The Elgin Avenue Blog

5 Meditative Activities You Can Try If You Don’t Like Meditating

1 – Flower Arranging

One of the first meditative activities I tried, outside of meditation, was a flower arranging class. I attended a flower arranging class as part of a press trip, and not only did I connect with one of my favourite things in the world – beautiful blooms! – I also totally zoned in and forgot about everything else I had on my mind. 

For me, not only is my mind captured by the physical activity of creating a floral arrangement, my senses are also heightened and treated to stunning visuals and amazing smells. 

And, at the end of the day, you get to see the fruits of your labour! Your flower arrangement acts as a gentle reminder to take a little time just for you.

There are so many great florists who run workshops nowadays. I encourage you to get in contact with your local florist, or seek out events in your area. If enough friends are interested you can even arrange your own floral arranging workshop at home! My friends and I have done this with floral crowns and it’s so. much. fun. 

2 – Painting

My Mama is a big advocate for ‘feeding your soul’ via art. And, honestly, I couldn’t agree more!

There’s something SO therapeutic about sitting down, and concentrating on some artwork for a while. 

I recently attended a couple of evenings in a community studio in Menorca, with my Mum (of course!), and I couldn’t believe how quickly the time went! Two hours FLEW by! 

You may have a similar open studio near you. Or failing that, allocate a couple of hours in the week to sitting down and painting/doing some art at home.

Neither my Mum nor I were too preoccupied with the results of our paintings, we were just enjoying the process. 

Prior to the class I’d been feeling quite stressed, and afterwards I felt so relaxed.

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3 – Knitting

Oli’s Nanny was the first person to ever teach me to knit. Although I didn’t quite get the hang of it right away, I’m excited to try it again with a Wool and the Gang scarf pattern I’ve had in my wardrobe since Christmas! It’s definitely time to dig it out again.

Anytime you really have to focus on something, it’s a mental break from everything else around you, and that can only be a good thing!

Wool and the Gang have some pretty amazing kits for your home and wardrobe. I love this macrame wall hanging.

4 – A Challenging New Gym Class

A while ago I took up barre classes at my gym. Not only is barre an amazing workout (oh my the BURN) it’s also a class which needs a lot of focus. 

When I really need a brain break, and to focus in on a mindful activity, I can always rely on a new gym class.

There’s no room for extra stresses when you’re focusing on a killer plie. Ouch!

5 – Cooking 

Oli really got into cooking about five years ago, and often tells me how therapeutic he finds the process. Nowadays Oli cooks most days of the week and I can see HOW happy it makes him.

It’s a great stress-buster for him. 

Although I don’t cook nearly as often as Oli, when I do take the time to cook I too find it SO relaxing. 

As with all of the meditative activities I’ve shared, it’s about finding that moment of single-ness where you have to focus on one thing. 

And again, the results of mindful cooking are pretty darn good. Meditation AND a great meal. I’m SO in. 

White Blazer Outfit | Monica Beatrice Welburn | The Elgin Avenue Blog


There is a whole ARRAY of mindful activities you can give a try if meditation isn’t for you.

Flower arranging, painting, knitting, a challenging gym class and cooking are some of my favourites, and I’d love to hear how you get on with any or all of them!

What’s Your Take?

Love, Monica x

Photography by Charlotte Bryer-Ash

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