5 Home Comforts I Pack When Travelling

Lily And Lionel White Stella White Cutwork Kimono | Monica Beatrice Welburn | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Kimono: Lily and Lionel | Pyjamas (just seen): Old

You may remember that Oli and I took a few days together in Barcelona earlier in the year – those precious 72 hours totally kindled our excitement for more sunshine and holidays, and this week my family and I are headed to Menorca to spend time on the island for my dad’s 60th Birthday. It couldn’t have come at a more welcome time – we are all looking forward to some R&R.

When travelling I have come to rely on a few home comforts to make me feel cosy wherever I go; today I am sharing 5 home comforts I pack when travelling, including a couple of pieces from one of my favourite brands – Lily and Lionel.

Lily and Lionel’s founder Alice and I were set up on a PR date a few years ago; from the get-go Alice and I hit it off, and we have supported one another as the years have gone on. I feel that Alice’s business and The Elgin Avenue have grown alongside one another, and so working together recently has felt especially precious to me. I genuinely adore Lily and Lionel as a brand, and I am thrilled to be able to share it with you today – I have a feeling you are going to love it too.

5 Home Comforts I Pack When Travelling 

Lily And Lionel White Stella White Cutwork Kimono | Monica Beatrice Welburn | The Elgin Avenue Blog

My relationship with travelling is oxymoronic, I adore adventuring and yet I am a total homebody who can feel uncomfortable in unfamiliar situations. Over the years I have developed travelling tricks which work for me – little quirks which help to make me feel homely, even when I’m far away from my real home.

The five home comforts I am sharing with you today are so simple, yet make the biggest difference to me when travelling, I’d love to know what makes a difference to you too – feel free to leave a comment to share yours!

Lily And Lionel White Stella White Cutwork Kimono | Monica Beatrice Welburn | The Elgin Avenue BlogLily And Lionel Talia Scarf | Monica Beatrice Welburn | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Scarf: Lily and Lionel | Jacket: Karen Millen (Old)

Trousers: American Apparel (Last Seen Here) | Suitcase: Samsonite

T Shirt: ASOS

Lily And Lionel White Stella White Cutwork Kimono | Monica Beatrice Welburn | The Elgin Avenue Blog

1 –

A lightweight coverup to wear over your PJs/by the pool. Over the past few years I have travelled for a variety of reasons, some trips have been for work, others with Oli and others with friends and family. For me, I like to have a lightweight coverup I can slip on over my PJs for modesty when pottering around first thing in the morning or in the evening, and equally something I can take to the pool for the same reason. I’m not one for slipping a pair of shorts on after a swim – I way prefer a little cotton kimono or dressing gown.

I’ve had a cotton coverup from Turkey for years, and recently swapped in this beautiful cotton Stella White Cotton Cutwork Kimono from Lily and Lionel. The detailing on this piece is so dreamy, it immediately makes me feel put together . . . even if it’s first thing in the morning and my hair is doing the ‘troll thing’ – as Oli calls it ????.

Bonus – if you look for a really pretty coverup, you can easily slip it on over a camisole and jeans in the evening too.

2 –

An all-purpose scarf. Read up on any packing guide, and it’s bound to advise you to take a scarf with you – they’re the ultimate all-purpose item to travel with. For me, it all starts on the plane, I love to wrap one of my favourite scarves around me and either have it tied closely to keep my neck warm, or I’ll open it up like a wrap and really snuggle in. I only need a couple of things to fall asleep when travelling (see number 3) – feeling warm and snug is one of them.

The Talia Monochrome Modal Scarf from Lily and Lionel is such a great wear-everywhere print, it works for all seasons and most occasions. I took mine to Barcelona with me and wore it to the airport as well as opening it up and wearing it round my shoulders when we’d stop in at a bar in the evenings. This scarf in particular is a great size to pack away – it easily slipped in to my handbag when we were exploring the city which made it a perfect ‘just in case’ item.

3 –

Bose Noise Cancelling Head Phones. Oli gave me these headphones as an anniversary gift last November and I’d hazard to say it’s one of the best gifts I have ever received. If you havn’t tried the noise cancelling function, you wouldn’t believe the difference it makes. You flip a little button on the side of your headphones, and it cancels out all background noise – you are left with either perfect music/audio clarity, or a peaceful quiet which makes concentrating really easy.

I use the headphones for work all the time (music when I am editing – silence when I am writing) and I use them for travel religiously too. The headphones, coupled with my cosy scarf, mean I can fall asleep just about anywhere now. I never used to sleep that well on planes, with the headphones and scarf I can nod off in minutes! There are few things I would re-buy in an instant if I lost them, these headphones are something I would have to re-purchase, they’ve completely changed my travelling and working routines for the better.

4 –

Herbal Tea Bags. I read this tip on A House On The Hills – Sarah recommended traveling with herbal tea bags for a long haul flight. I’d never thought to take my own tea – I’m telling you now, it makes the biggest difference! When you’re travelling, you’re often out of routine in every way  – you’re eating and drinking differently, you are in a different time zone, and I don’t know about you but sometimes that just leaves me feeling ‘blah’. When I’m in my own home I often drink herbal teas, be it a vanilla chai, peppermint, lemon & ginger . . . they give me a boost and help me feel like ‘me’. After reading Sarah’s article I started packing a little plastic ziplock of tea bags – a mix of all my favourites. And I L-O-V-E it!

Whether you are staying in a hotel, hostel or are on a plane – you only need hot water to make your tea – one of the easiest things to access. The moment I have that familiar tea in my hands I feel immediately comforted.

Especially when I am travelling for work, I can get a little nervy leaving my home. By taking this little comfort with me I always feel like I am closer to my own routine. Such a small trick – yet it works a charm!

5 –

Slippers. I feel like SUCH a granny telling you to take slippers with you! Guys, I can’t help it, I freakin’ love my slippers! I have a sheepskin pair which are heaven, and I wouldn’t do without them! Similarly to my coverup, the moment I slip these bad boys on, I feel comforted and homely.

If you are travelling somewhere warm, I’d swap out the sheepskin for little raffia slippers, or even a cotton espadrille – something you can easily slip on when you’re spending time in your apartment/hotel room.

What do you guys take with you when travelling, to make it feel like home? 

Did you guys love the Lily and Lionel pieces you’ve seen today? I’m running a giveaway on my Instagram right now – you can win three of my favourite Lily and Lionel pieces – including my kimono and scarf – head on over – the comp is open until Saturday May 7th!

Love, Monica x

This post is created in collaboration with Lily and Lionel, one of my very favourite brands. Thank you for supporting our sponsors.


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