5 of My Favourite Clean(er) Skincare Brands + My Top Buys From Each

September 23, 2021

Clean Skincare Brands Roundup Monica Beatrice

Over the past few years I’ve made a conscious effort to shift my skincare habits to include as many clean skincare and clean beauty products as possible. As I shared in my post on my clean(er) beauty and skincare journey, I’m increasingly conscious about what I choose to put in and on my body. Did you know that ingredients in some beauty products are known to be endocrine disrupters? Meaning that they can mimic and distort your hormones?

I am still (and am sure I always will be) so very much imperfect in all of this. I still use products which aren’t 100% ‘clean’, however I try as best I can to make better choices, both for myself and the planet.

Below I’m sharing a few of my recent clean(er) skincare faves. These are the brands I am reaching for again and again. Some are certified clean, and others are making strides to include more clean ingredients and reduce wasteful packaging. If you’re curious about the ‘clean rating’ of any brands you’re purchasing, you can pop them into the EWG Skin Deep search bar which delivers a report for you. All of the brands listed below rate highly ????????

Happy skin, happy planet, happy hormones.

If you have any fave brands you’d like to highlight too, drop them into the comments!

5 of My Favourite Clean(er) Skincare Brands
+ My Top Products From Each

Clean Skincare Brands Roundup Monica Beatrice

I remember the very first meeting I ever had with a representative from ELEMIS. Fun fact: her and I still work together to this day! ELEMIS has been pioneering clean skincare long before it became ‘a thing’. ELEMIS was also the first premium skincare line I ever used, and I’ve been a devoted fan ever since.

My favourite ELEMIS products:

ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm. I you don’t already have this in your skincare kit, stop reading, and BUY IT. I don’t often impose an all-capital-letters-instruction upon you, but truly this is THE product which changed my relationship with skincare.

ELEMIS Superfood Fruit Vinegar Glow. A gentle, daily, AHA-rich Fruit Vinegar toner. Swipe it across your face after double cleansing and be prepared to be shocked by the residual grime which will greet you!

ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment. A super effective plumping eye treatment which takes care of the delicate skin around your eyes.

Clean Skincare Brands Roundup Monica Beatrice

The all-the-good-feels brand: Honest Beauty

Upon receiving my first press send-out of Honest Beauty products I did a happy little dance. Truly, no chill! I’d followed Honest and its endeavors stateside for a long time before it came across to the UK.

The long and short of it: I LOVE Honest Beauty products. Like love love.

It’s worth noting too that Honest Beauty products are pitched at, what I believe to be, a very reasonable price point for their efficacy and credentials.

My favourite Honest Beauty clean skincare products:

Honest Beauty Vitamin C Radiance Serum. This is hands-down the best Vitamin C serum I’ve tried, and I have tried my fair share of good’uns. I noticed the difference in the clarity and brightness of my skin after just a few days of using the Honest Vitamin C Radiance Serum. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone looking for a great Vitamin C serum which delivers on its promises!

Honest Beauty Hydrogel Cream. This is a lightweight cream-to-gel moisturiser which feels light as air and delivers major moisture. I love it. Oli tries to steal it on the reg.

Honest Beauty Crème Cheek Blush. OK so this isn’t skincare exactly, but it delivers the prettiest pop of “just been for a hike” colour that I HAD to include it. Plus, unlike plenty of blushes I’ve used in the past, this one feels like it nourishes my skin as opposed to caking it. One of my daily go-to beauty products.

Clean Skincare Brands Roundup Monica Beatrice

The Glam Option: Hourglass Cosmetics

I’d heard about Hourglass Cosmetics for years prior to trying the brand for myself, and upon applying my first lick of Hourglass Cosmetics mascara I got it.

Luxurious, long-lasting, effective . . . I joined the fan club.

More recently I’ve been taking Hourglass Cosmetics’ skincare for a whirl, and unsurprisingly, it’s H E A V E N.

My favourite Hourglass Cosmetic skincare product:

Hourglass Equilibrium Intensive Hydrating Eye Balm. This is (no pun intended) eye-wateringly expensive, but holy $$$$ does it work. Applying this eye balm is like layering liquid silk onto your skin.

Clean Skincare Brands Roundup Monica Beatrice

Dor Beetle & Smokey Quartz Earrings by Alex Monroe c/o

The Cult Favourite: Drunk Elephant

I posted about a Drunk Elephant skincare delivery to my Stories and my DMs went wild. Clearly, people know where it’s at when it comes to cult clean skincare!

In my experience Drunk Elephant make some of the best clean skincare on the market, yes it’s expensive, but it’s effective and if you want results it’s worth it. My advice? Whenever making a skincare splurge speak to an expert if possible before purchasing. Head to your local Space NK or use a chat box function online to get a feel for the best products for YOU. Over the years that’s how I’ve discovered some of my (now) all-time favourite skincare products.

My favourite Drunk Elephant skincare products:

Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum. This is truly like a DRINK for your skin! I love applying this serum before bed. I know that in the morning I’ll wake up with that ‘quenched’ feeling for my skin.

Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream. Again this is a thirst-quenching skincare product which your skin will THANK YOU for as we all crank up the central heating. I’ve found that I only need the smallest pump of this moisturiser to cover my whole face and neck for super hydration. Used in conjunction with the B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum above you’ll wake up with P L U M P skin looking like you’ve had 11 hours of sleep. Trust.

Drunk Elephant Lippe Balm. I LOVE a good lip balm and Drunk Elephant’s Lippe Balm is addictive. So nourishing on your lips, it’s also great for highlighting cheekbones, and can be used topically around the eyes to blur the appearance of fine lines.

Clean Skincare Brands Roundup Monica Beatrice

Kate Somerville

I was introduced to Kate Somerville skincare via a consultation at Space NK and also via Ashley Dayes, the brand’s education manager.

My favourite Kate Somerville skincare products:

Kate Somerville Eradikate Blemish Spot Treatment. This is the B E S T spot treatment I’ve ever tried! Apply a small dab before you go to bed, and prepare to be amazed by the morning. I find that this product truly works miracles on blemishes. I re-buy this the minute I run out.

Kate Somerville Oil-Free Moisturiser. Sometimes I want a moisturiser which doesn’t feel too dewy, and this oil-free formula hits the spot.

What’s your take?

How are you feeling about your skincare and beauty purchases RN? Are you also trying to make a shift towards cleaner products? If so, do you have any favourites you’d like to highlight too?

I am learning more about this topic daily! I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts!

Love, Monica x

Photography by Charlotte Bryer-Ash

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