4 Ways I’ve Used Mirrors In My Home

March 7, 2019

Mirror Ideas For Your Home | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Oli and I have been living in our flat for a little over a year now, and I can’t believe the difference from when we first moved in!

We’re constantly working on projects, and even the tiniest of improvements feels like a huge win!

(The other day a utensil pot got us excited! WHAT have we become?! Ha!)

As we continue to improve our home, I’m excited to share various elements with you.

Today I wanted to highlight a decorative basic: mirrors.

A well-placed mirror can add SO much light to a room. It’s a great way of filling up a wall. And of course, it’s very handy for applying makeup/taking a mirror selfie/double-checking your hair on the way out the door.

Oli and I have collected an array of mirrors over the years, and a few since we moved into our new flat, so I thought it would be fun to show you how we’ve put them to use!

At the bottom of this post I’ve rounded up some of my favourite mirrors which you can shop now, so if you’re looking to add one into your own home, I hope that you find one you love.

4 Ways I’ve Used Mirrors In My Home

1 – Decorative Mirror + Floating Shelf

Mirror Ideas For Your Home | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Can we please talk about this India May Home mirror?! I have been stalking this beauty for YEARS, and every single day I fan girl over it just a little.

Totally normal behaviour. 

India May Home is one of my favourite internet destinations for gorgeous bohemian pieces with a scandi edge. If you love Moroccan vibes, texture and detail as much as I do, India May Home is a MUST visit.

The exact mirror style I have is currently sold out, but there are a couple of other bone inlay styles available. You can also email to preorder the style I have, just ask for the ‘Anjali floral bone inlay mirror’.

Mirror Ideas For Your Home | The Elgin Avenue Blog Mirror Ideas For Your Home | The Elgin Avenue Blog


Mirror: India May Home c/o (available version) | Shelf: Custom made

Brass Shelf Brackets: Katie’s Kitch via Etsy | Small Green Vase: Alresford Linen

Candle: Connock London via hero | White Vase: Magnolia Market (new season)

Faux Hydrangea: Homesense | Marble Coaster: Anthropologie c/o

This space connects our entranceway to the kitchen and living room.

Prior to the mirror, this wall felt so bare with nothing hung up.

After much deliberation (wall art?! house plant?!) we decided that a mirror would work well.

I am SO glad we made the decision since the mirror bounces so much light back into this area, and it’s now such a pretty little vignette.

With a floating shelf it’s a compact way of styling up this area.

Speaking of which . . .

We decided to DIY the shelf since we couldn’t find one which suited our needs, and it turned out really well. This is a great tip if you ever get stuck on something in your home. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, is there a way of creating it yourself?

I bought these beautiful brass brackets from Katie’s Kitch on Etsy, and we asked our local stonemason to create a shelf from an offcut of marble. Not only did this create the perfect little floating shelf for our exact needs, it also turned out to be cheaper than buying a pre-made shelf. Win/win!

2 – A ‘Shelfie’ Mirror

Mirror Ideas For Your Home | The Elgin Avenue Blog

This mirror placement happened by accident when I placed my H&M home piece on a shelf for safe keeping.

This short-term solution ended up looking so lovely that I decided to leave it there.

Turns out – mirrors don’t always have to have a practical use! This one is purely for show!

I love its brass colour, decorative bevelling and round shape.

I don’t know if it will remain a part of this shelf area forever, but for the time being it’s a great addition.

Mirror Ideas For Your Home | The Elgin Avenue Blog


Mirror: H&M Home c/o (past season – current season version

H&M Home have SO many gorgeous mirror options. You can also try other retailers like Maison Du Monde and La Redoute for small decorative mirrors. Again I’ve rounded up some options at the bottom of this post.

3 – Vintage Mirror + Console Table

Mirror Ideas For Your Home | The Elgin Avenue Blog

This is the most traditional use of a mirror in our home at the moment.

Oli’s parents run an auction, which means that we often get first dibs on great vintage pieces. This mirror was one of those finds, and it happened to be the perfect fit for our entranceway.

A console table, with a mirror above, makes a great addition to any hallway.

It’s practical – since you can quickly check your appearance on the way out the door – and is such a pretty welcome. It pays off to have something attractive to look at as soon as people step inside your door.

Mirror Ideas For Your Home | The Elgin Avenue BlogMirror Ideas For Your Home | The Elgin Avenue Blog


Mirror: Vintage | Console Table: Atkin & Thyme 

Brass Tray: India May Home c/o (On Sale!) | Blue Vase: Charity Shop 

Clear Vase: The White Company (Current Season) | White Vase: Long Barn

Runner Rug: French Connection | Enamel Bowl: La Redoute c/o

Wooden Beads: Created Via This DIY 

Mirror Ideas For Your Home | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Double kudos to Oli’s parents since this beautiful console table was our engagement gift from them!

I’d seen it online months before we got engaged, and because of the lead time on delivery it didn’t arrive till about six weeks after our news. Oli’s Mum and Dad kept the gift a secret, and when I came home late one evening from London it was waiting in our entranceway. I couldn’t believe it! I was so touched at the thoughtfulness of their gift (I nearly cried!!!), and it’s now one of our most treasured pieces in our home.

Marble and brass accents are two decorative elements which run throughout our flat, and I LOVE that this is the first little setup people see.

4 – Vintage Mirror + Work Space

Mirror Ideas For Your Home | The Elgin Avenue Blog

I’d never thought of incorporating a mirror into my work space, but it works really well.

Without the mirror I’d be facing a blank wall, which could make this working nook feel limiting and bland. Instead I can see the reflection of the whole room which lends a much more ‘open’ feeling. Plus it reflects light which is a BIG bonus when the 3pm slump hits!

If you also have a ‘work corner’, consider using a mirror to open up the space. It was a welcome surprise to me!

This is another vintage mirror, and it weighs a tonne! I was so worried when we were putting it up that the whole wall would crumble, but we added a few different hanging points and it’s been OK so far (although I’m still a bit fearful!).

The small IKEA desk works a treat, and since I’ve been working from this compact little nook I’ve come to realise how little space I *really* need to work.

Mirror Ideas For Your Home | The Elgin Avenue Blog


Mirror: Vintage | Desk: IKEA (Old)

Lamp: Cult Furniture c/o | Desk Chair: Cult Furniture c/o

Blanket: Anthropologie c/o | Small Pink Vase: Sass & Belle c/o

Marble Coaster: Anthropologie c/o

Oli and I are in the process of converting our second bedroom (currently a catch-all dumping ground) into a guest room, with space for me to work from too.

I am SO excited for a room of my own again, but a year of no dedicated office space has been a great lesson too.



There are so many ways you can use mirrors in your home to add extra light, or a pretty decorative detail.

The mirrors dotted about our home are one of my favourite home accessories, and I’m excited to continue to add to our collection.

Next on my list is a mirror for an updated vanity area in our bedroom, and (possibly! Still deciding?!) a large window pane version for above our sofa.

What’s Your Take?

How do you use mirrors in your home?

Love, Monica x

Photography by Charlotte Bryer-Ash

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