3 Healthy Habits To Get Into When Working From Home

September 26, 2016

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3 Healthy Habits To Get Into When Working From Home

I’ve been working from home now for the past five years or so. Over this time I’ve developed habits which have helped me to not only be productive at work, but to feel healthy whilst doing so.

Working from home, I feel that there can be a tendency to swing in one of two not-so-productive directions:

  1. Unproductive procrastination – distracted by funny Mindy Kaling/Tina Fey GIFs. Which let’s face it, are always worth making some time for.
  2. Overworking and under-serving your own health. Often working harder not smarter to get things done.

Both of theses scenarios don’t allow you to live the work/life balance you truly deserve, and yet they’re so easy to fall in to.

Today I am teaming up with BRITA Fill & Go Vital Water Filter Bottle, to share 3 healthy habits to get into when working from home. These are super simple habits which can easily be incorporated into anyone’s working day.

I hope that these small reminders will help you to feel effective, enegerised and in good health when working from home. Whilst I am speaking of my own experience running a small business, you could easily pick up on these tips whatever your working scenario may be.

I’d love to know how you get on with these, and if you have any other tips you’d like to share. Leave me a comment at the bottom of this post ????????, or tweet me your thoughts.

3 Simply Healthy Habits To Get Into This Autumn

1 – Exercise first thing in the morning

Easy Ways To Stay Fit | The Elgin Avenue Blog

No matter which way you spin it, it’s easier to avoid something the longer you leave it. Exercise is one of my main schedule priorities, yet if I leave it to chance, it can easily fall to the bottom of my to-do list.

Similarly, when working from home, it’s easy to roll out of bed and flip open the laptop/turn on the computer right away. I’ve been the person to open my files right away, and not only does it rob you of ‘you time’ before your work, it also leads to exhaustion which can only ultimately negatively impact your work.


“The most effective way I have found to always incorporate exercise into my day-to-day, is to schedule it first thing in the morning.”

Whilst I enjoy exercise classes, and going to the gym, a simple walk or jog is my favourite way to exercise in the morning since it requires so little commitment. Simply pull on your trainers, pop your hair in a bun, grab some water and walk.

Easy Ways To Stay Fit | The Elgin Avenue BlogBRITA Fill And Go Vital Water Filter Bottle | The Elgin Avenue Blog

In particular I love walking first thing in the morning during the autumn. The air is crisp and clear in that way which is so invigorating, and a warm coffee on my return home always tastes that bit nicer.

Recently I’ve been using my BRITA Fill & Go Water Bottle on my walks. It’s so easy to carry filtered water with you on the go, and it reminds me to stay hydrated whilst I exercise.

BRITA’s Fill & Go Water Bottle allows you to achieve clear-tasting filtered water, created by an integrated carbon filtration – you can learn more about the technology here. We use nearly 7.7 billion single use plastic bottles every year in the UK. One of the easiest ways we can all make a small change to being more eco-friendly, is by utilising a reusable drinking bottle.

Beautiful Autumn Leaves In The Sunlight | The Elgin Avenue Blog

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2 – Find A Moment Of Calm Every Day

Achievable Meditation Advice | The Elgin Avenue Blog

We all have a multitude of internal dialogues going on every day. Be it about work, our homes, our social feeds or families . . . it’s safe to say that we are living through a LOT of information.

My favourite way to centre my thoughts is by completing five minutes of meditation every day.

As I mentioned previously in this post, achievable mediation is something which I have really focused on in 2016. Similarly to my morning walk, I like to meditate first thing every day. I find it sets me on a good thinking path, and helps me to feel calm and focused for the rest of the day. This helps me hugely when dealing with work tasks.

Achievable Meditation Advice | The Elgin Avenue Blog

Just recently I had endured a few days of really bad sleeping, I woke up feeling anxious and exhausted. The first thing I did (before I even left bed) was complete a five minute meditation. I knew that doing this would help to re-wire my thinking. In just five minutes I went from agitated to calm, which helps me to fully focus when I head to my office.

If you are new to meditation, I would suggest setting a five minute timer on your phone, sitting cross-legged and simply observing your breath for five minutes. It’s incredible how quickly the time goes when you are being quiet and focusing on just one thing.

3 – Drink Water Regularly Throughout The Day

Work From Home Health Tips | The Elgin Avenue Blog



I feel focused, energised and healthy when I am properly hydrated, hence I am constantly drinking water when working from home. Now that I have my BRITA Fill & Go water bottle I am even more conscious of the amount of water I am drinking.

Eight glasses of water per day is widely known to be the recommended daily intake for water, that’s roughly two litres every day. The BRITA Fill & Go water bottle can hold 600ml of water, which means that refilling it only four times will easily fulfil your daily water intake.

I find myself constantly reaching for water when I’m working, it’s second nature now. The moment my water bottle is empty I refill it, which helps me to achieve my daily water goal without really thinking.

Easy Ways To Stay Fit | The Elgin Avenue Blog

What’s Your Take?

Learning how to balance a productive #girlboss business, and focus on your health is a constant learning curve.

I’m forever picking up on simple tricks – like exercising first thing and remembering to drink water often – which seem so obvious, yet until you implement them you don’t realise their positive power.

I’d love to know if today’s tips are ones you already incorporate in to you day-to-day, if they are things you’ll look to incorporate now, or if indeed you have any other health tips for working from home to share?

I feel that small businesses and bloggers really require that community to support one another, so let’s give each other a helping hand!

Leave me your top health and productivity tip below.

Love, Monica x

This post was created in collaboration with BRITA. Thank you for supporting The Elgin Avenue’s sponsors.

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